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Green travel is not a passing trend but a lifestyle choice. More and more travelers are planning their holidays, inspired by an eco-friendly ethos adding activities to their adventure calendars motivated by their sustainable ethics.

An environmentally friendly lifestyle is not something that we take a break from so is realistic to be taken into consideration during our holidays as well.
Taking a step further than choosing an eco-friendly hotel that respects nature, the surroundings and the local community, we can find more ways to ensure that we are planning ahead for a meaningful time off.

Leave the place better than you found it

Sustainable travel is about having a positive effect on the place you are vacationing in. While you are discovering new ways to enjoy the local community trends, your perspective can shift and you can make traveling more than just a break.

Wherever you are, you pick up and dispose of your rubbish

The natural environments that people love to visit and enjoy are fragile.

Learn as much as you can about the society and get to know its people

Add to your experience and engage with the local environment.

Reduce your water waste

From bringing reusable water bottles, to reusing your beach and bath towels, it can make a big difference.

Do local

Look into local food (not imported goods), this will also allow you to better experience the culture. Maybe even find a new “favourite recipe”.
Local clothes and jewelry, local gifts for your loved ones back home might be a better alternative to the mass-produced location fridge magnets.
Choices as such support sustainable and local businesses. You will also go home with unique items created with more meaning.

Just leave it there

Intervene with the beautiful surroundings as little as possible. If you take something not only will the next visitors not have the chance to discover it like you did, but any intervention could have an impact on the natural environment. On the Ionian Islands it is especially important to not disturb the local turtle communities.


This may be the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture and see how meaningful your footprint can be. Some say this creates the most significant memories.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Finally use the flight with less carbon footprint, use public transportation and check for clean cruises. The last one, can be a very tricky one. Take a cruise only if you are certain that they use scrubbers to clean emissions. Learn about their disposal policies. Other alternatives such as hiking to that secluded beach will leave you with a stronger first-hand impression and will provide amazing visual while awakening the explorer within you.

Keep that in mind, go there, let “The Good Life” begin and remember:

In every walk with nature, one receives much more than he seeks.

– John Muir

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023


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