a man hugging a tree



A personal endeavour

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond reducing waste and conserving resources.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability by integrating the natural environment into our interior design and architectural practices.

At F ZEEN RETREATS we believe in the importance of not wasting anything and maintaining a natural balance with our surroundings. Our motivation is sincere and has always been an intrinsic part of who we are. We believe that you should always leave something in a better state than how you found it, and this has been the foundation of our approach to adopting sustainable habits.

One example of this is the use of locally sourced building materials, including those sourced from the land. This not only reduces the environmental impact of transportation but also helps support the local economy.

Our aim is to bring people closer to nature in a luxurious and eco-conscious way by merging the interior with exterior design.

Our buildings have been designed in a way that creates a seamless transition between indoor and external spaces, giving a sense of being part of the landscape. This approach not only reduces the visual impact on the environment but also enhances the experience. We love the challenge it can present as well as the meaning it gives to every plant, tree and feature that is made into a feature in our retreats.



Some of the ways we ensure your experience with us is in line with our philosophy.

  • We use glass bottles only in our restaurant which are recycled
  • The seaweed from our spa treatments is used as fertiliser in our gardens for our plants
  • We have incorporated specific plants in our gardens to ensure a thriving bee population
  • Our ponds have developed a new ecosystem of its own
  • Fruit and vegetable cuttings are fed to our chickens
  • We have significantly reduced the amount of paper we use for printing
  • Our straws are made from rice
  • Our paper napkins are biodegradable
  • We use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products
  • We only produce limited quantities of F ZEEN products to avoid over production
  • We use solar panels to generate a portion of our energy
  • Reducing the frequency of your laundry is offered as an option in your room
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Our organic Chef’s Garden where we grow our own fruit and vegetables used in our restaurants
  • Locally sourced building materials

We are proud to be a leader in sustainable tourism and believe that our commitment to environmental responsibility is essential to the long-term success of our business. By promoting sustainability, we are not only protecting the planet, but also enhancing the guest experience and supporting the local community.