a yard with two chairs at a boutique hotel in greece



A lifestyle and a mindset

Philosophical foundations, inspired by wellness.

F ZEEN, meaning bliss, is the epitome of living a good life in which mind, body and soul are aligned and exist in harmony with nature. This concept of wellness stems from Ancient Greek philosophy and embodies the art of living well, reminding us that a good life is one of balance and awareness. This is echoed in every aspect of the F ZEEN EXPERIENCE, where details, quality and preservation of the local environment are intrinsic to our values and our retreats.

Tall trees in a forest in Greece


  • Caring for the surrounding environment
  • Blending into the surrounding environment
  • Quality is our main priority
  • Supporting our natural ecosystem
  • Minimal noise pollution
  • Holistic approach to health and wellbeing
  • Everything in moderation
  • The essential and vital connection with nature
  • Stress-free getaways
  • The importance of quality time