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Athens stands as a dynamic metropolis that seamlessly combines ancient traditions with modernity in a truly remarkable fashion. It holds the distinction of being the cradle of democracy, the arts, scientific inquiry, and philosophical thought in Western civilisation. Notable figures such as Pericles, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates have all called Athens home, solidifying its status as one of the world’s most ancient cities. In the present day, set against the backdrop of the iconic Parthenon, Athens showcases a contemporary urban landscape that reflects its rich historical past and its diverse and multicultural present. Every neighbourhood within Athens possesses its own distinct attractions and unique character.


Starting from the upcoming F ZEEN ATHENS, located in Perikleous 46, one can immerse themselves in the rich history of the city while exploring its surroundings. The hotel is strategically positioned between two iconic landmarks: The Ancient Agora of Athens and the charming Plaka district. The Ancient Agora served as the beating heart of ancient Athens, serving as a hub for political, commercial, administrative, and social activities.

Plaka enjoys its status as one of Athens’ most beloved and frequented neighbourhoods. Its continuous habitation since antiquity means that remnants of the ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires can be discovered around nearly every corner. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Melina Café, nestled in the heart of Plaka, and Stamatopoulos, a traditional Greek tavern, both of which are must-visit destinations in this historic neighbourhood.


Plaka and Monastiraki pay homage to the city’s artisanal traditions by hosting an array of shops specialising in ceramics, weaving, fabric, craftsmanship, leather goods, jewellery, and even traditional Greek musical instruments. The tradition of craftsmanship in Greece dates back to ancient times, and reached its pinnacle during Classical Greece. At this time craftsmen, whether they were artisans or artists, were highly skilled individuals whose livelihoods depended solely on their craft. F ZEEN BOUTIQUE‘s jewellery collection pays tribute to these time-honoured traditions by prioritising natural fabrics and materials, emphasising a conscious and sustainable approach to fashion. The designs draw inspiration from the inherent beauty found in the imperfections of nature, weaving in the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, and are meticulously handcrafted to reflect these influences.

Heading West, Syntagma Square is the central square of Athens, directly opposite the Greek parliament. After watching the Changing of the Guards one can choose Milos restaurant for fresh fish before heading to the Acropolis. The Acropolis stands proudly above the city of Athens at an elevation of 157 meters. The most prominent structures on this archaeological site were constructed during the Classical period, specifically in the latter half of the 5th century BC as part of Pericles’ ambitious building initiative. These include the Propylaia, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, and the Iconic temple of Athena Nike. Having seen these, the last stop is the Acropolis Museum, with findings from the slopes of the Acropolis hill, the Parthenon, the Election, and the Temple of Athena Nike, along with votive offerings to Gods, worship objects, and everyday art, bringing ancient Athens to life. Additionally, a visit to the Museum’s restaurant is a must as it offers panoramic views of the Acropolis.

Athens is the ultimate city break destination as it combines ancient heritage with modern urban vibes.

Friday, September 15th, 2023


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