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Embrace International Self-Care Day

As September slowly approaches, F Zeen Kefalonia invites you on a mesmerising journey into this haven surrounded by shades of blue and green. Indulge in a unique experience in one of our exquisite suites and villas, combined with a spa treatment that will rejuvenate your senses, feeling relaxed and serene. Let this be an opportunity to focus on your wellbeing and celebrate international self-care day. F Zeen is a lifestyle and a mindset. The ‘Good Life’ starts here.

Explore the Suites and Villas

Start your self-care day celebration with an unforgettable stay at F Zeen Kefalonia, where comfort and luxury meet, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and unique memories. Suite 100, Suite 103 and the Villas encapsulate a harmonious blend of luxury and tranquility inviting you to enjoy a dreamy vacation in September.

Suite 100

An impressive 54 sq.m. suite, perfect for both short and longer stays. Featuring unique decor combining an in-room bathtub with sea views, inviting seating areas, a spacious bedroom and a private garden. Step outside and find your own 50 sq.m. patio which surrounds the whole suite. Behind glass doors discover yourself surrounded by a large swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a deck area with sun-loungers and a private courtyard with a seating area, all set around a beautiful tree. High ceilings allow views of the blue sky meeting the sea coupled with a breathtaking view of Mount Ainos on the opposite side.

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Suite 103

Indulge in breathtaking direct views over the Ionian Sea from Suite 103, a spacious 43 sq.m. suite. Glass doors open onto a large 30 sq.m. private patio with ample space for spending your days in private, enjoying a seating area and sun-loungers for lounging by the pool. The indoor space has been carefully designed to marry simplicity with luxury. The decor is completely unique to this room, offering a lounge area, a work desk as well as an originally designed bathroom with a walk-in shower and a separate WC.

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Perched on the hillside of this tranquil retreat, our villas offer mesmerising panoramic sea views and complete privacy. Embrace the secluded position of this summer sanctuary, a two-floor luxury home that promises the perfect escape. Featuring two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms on the upper floor and a living room with a fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen, and a third bedroom on the ground floor.

The villa’s extensive and private 1,000 sq.m. outdoor space allows you to sink into the peaceful simplicity of nature. The lush, landscaped garden and refreshing pool provide a breathtaking backdrop to enjoy every moment of your stay.

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Reconnect, Recharge, Rejuvenate

F Zeen Kefalonia invites you to delve into a journey of nurturing the body and mind, while enjoying a complimentary couple’s ritual spa treatment. Enjoy the use of our hammam followed by a candle or deep tissue massage. Relax and surrender to the essence of our retreat.

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Monday, July 24th, 2023


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