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October at F Zeen Retreat:

Use the energy of the new season to manifest the abundance and miracles the change will bring.

So many reasons why we choose October to be a favorable time every season.
The quiet infinity views from our pool and the refreshing feeling whilst bathing in the gentle waters of the Ionian Sea inspired us to share this treasure.

F Zeen focuses on introspection and October is perfect for this.
There is no better time to reconnect and explore Kefalonia, unspoiled from the masses and hot summer schedules. After all there is much more to the travel culture than simply taking time off in August …
Our model is about the exploration of the innermost depths, formation of identity, a sense of fellowship with others and a peaceful connection with the world.

That is why October is about vacationing fully and meaningfully.

F Zeen keeps exploring its various aspects from different angles with a mindful approach. Autumn has always been the time to take advanced steps on a journey to intellectual and physical renewal.

October is the ideal vacay time for unconventional thinkers, spiritual seekers, purpose driven explorers, travelers in search of tranquility and personalized guest experiences.

Here are 5 reasons why you should open your agenda to an Eat – Pray – Love experience and visit F Zeen Retreat to extend the summer this October:

1. Kefalonia, a year-round destination

Away from the noise and crowds, a still warm yet milder weather provides the perfect environment for hours of tranquility without the dizziness of the tiring summer heat, making October one of the best times to visit and explore the island.

2. Forest bathing on picture-perfect environment

Autumn offers an enchanting landscape. There is no better time to discover the diversity of the Kefalonia’s natural beauty.
October arrives as a painter adding colors of orange, yellow and red to the all-year Kefalonian pallet of green, creating a canvas so beautiful Vincent van Gogh would be jealous. There is no better time for forest bathing. Get lost inside the pine forests at F Zeen Retreat amongst the quietness of the trees, observe the nature around you whilst breathing deeply. The pine forest at F Zeen in October provides the ultimate backdrop for relaxation.

3. Explore secluded beaches

When it comes to hidden beaches Kefalonia has a lot to show. While the season winds down be prepared to spot wild horses running free next to turquoise waters over long, sandy and completely unspoiled beaches. Imagine that view of ultimate freedom…
It is when heatwaves have left, chances to have a glimpse of the loggerhead sea turtles increase significantly and most probably you will be lucky enough to encounter these amazing creatures that have chosen Kefalonia’s coasts for their nesting grounds.

4. Hiking in nature

Discover a place abundant in natural beauty with trails enough for every wanderer. At F Zeen we choose hiking to Mount Aenos, known as Mount Nero (Black Mountain) where there are several trails ideal for different levels, on a route that starts in the morning from F Zeen including take-away breakfast on the mountain’s peak. We also enjoy taking a hike to Paradisi beach, over a trail that allows us to visit the ruins of the picturesque Sissia monastery. Proceeding down to a secluded beach for a refreshing dive.

5. Retreat yourself

An interconnectedness between the elements of the universe, the natural world and our natural selves. Retreats during this time of seasonal transition offer an uplifting alternative benefit. While every person possesses deep reserves of untapped potential, the timing within autumn to explore this connection plays an important role to leading a life filled with joy, happiness and creativity during the winter period. It is within quietness that we discover how cultivating the earth provides nourishment for the soul. October 2022 being the emotional wellness month, is giving us the opportunity to heal our mind, body and soul with our not-to-be-missed “Self- Discovery through the elements of nature” retreat.

Fall in Greece marks the harvest season for grapes and olive oil. Visiting Kefalonia in October will give you the opportunity to experience the production stages of olive oil and wine making while visiting olive groves and vineyards.

Thursday, July 21st, 2022


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