comfort bed of a luxury accommodation in athens



Timeless opulence depicted in our luxury accommodation.

Set in a restored 1930s building, featuring original skylights, neoclassical high ceilings and a preserved ancient Stoa. Each room has been finished with its own unique details, echoing the inspiration behind the concept and history of the building.

The Areti Retreats are based on the Ancient Greek concept of ‘excellence’ and one realising one’s full potential. The Socrates Retreats personify the teachings of the great Greek philosopher. Despite his impact, he left no writings of his own, most of what we know was from the records of Plato. The Akanthos Suites have been named after the Akanthus plant that was prevalent in Ancient Greek art, symbolsing immortality, it featured in many houses as a safeguard. The Aristotle Suites are a homage to the Greek philosopher whose name translates to the ‘best purpose’. His teachings still reverberate today.

Each of the Stoa Luxury Suites have been inspired by an individual from Greek history. These are remarkable works of art as well as a window into the decadent history of Greece.