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Kefalonia Boutique Event Food & Beverage General May


Wednesday May 1st - Thursday October 31st 2024
JOURNEY INTO OUR ŌROS SERIES Enjoy tea time in our boutique each afternoon. Freshly prepared ice tea, picked from the mountains of Greece, is served with local Greek honey for the perfect afternoon treat. Feel free to join us during your stay. Our new series is named after the Greek word for ‘mountain’. This selection of tea has been curated to represent the natural herbs prevalent in Greece. Organically grown, each blend has been created to reflect a different aspect of Greece.
Kefalonia Exploration Fitness General Wellbeing May


Wednesday May 1st - Thursday October 31st 2024
EXPLORE THE HIGHEST PEAK IN THE IONIAN Mount Ainos was first declared as a nation park in 1962 and houses the heart of Kefalonia’s rich biodiversity. The national park of Mount Ainos stretches over 3,000 hectares. It’s highest peak reaches 1,628m. Historically this peak was dedicated to Zues and believed to be the location of many offerings to this god. This park is home to a unique species of fir tree called Abies Cephalonica which only grows here at altitudes of 600-1600m and covers 2/3 of the park. Equally as impressive, there’s a high chance that you encounter wild horses during your visit. The drive to the mountain is about 45 minutes each way. On this hike you will be taken along the peak of the mountain, giving you an incredible view all the way down to the beach. You will see the whole island, surrounding island and sometimes even mainland Greece. You will be given a packed breakfast to enjoy on this memorable experience.
Kefalonia Event Food & Beverage General May


Wednesday May 1st - Thursday October 31st 2024
JOIN US FOR AN ENCHANTING WINE JOURNEY FEATURING LOCAL GEMS WITH THE CAPTIVATING SUNSET OVER THE IONIAN SEA. Sip and savour the rich flavours of our region’s finest wines, perfectly paired with our local treats and mesmerizing hues of the setting sun. Unwind in the tranquil ambiance as our expert guides you through a sensory journey, creating a memorable evening of indulgence against the backdrop of the Ioanian’s breathtaking beauty. Cheers to an unforgettable experience on the shores of the Ionian Sea.
Kefalonia Event Food & Beverage General May


Wednesday May 1st - Thursday October 31st 2024
JOIN US FOR A UNIQUE BEACHFRONT EXPERIENCE AS OUR HEAD BARTENDER GUIDES YOU THROUGH A CAPTIVATING COCKTAIL MASTERCLASS. Learn the art of crafting three essential cocktails, while enjoying the sun, sea breeze and the rhythmic sound of the waves. Elevate your mixology skills in this picturesque setting and create memories a delicious as the drinks themselves. Cheers to an unforgettable beach bar experience.
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Kefalonia Exclusives Retreat May


Wednesday May 1st - Thursday October 31st 2024
Attain the SUITE LIFE now and unlock a world of opulence, romance  and unforgettable moments. Experience an elevated stay in our luxurious suites. Unwind with a complimentary bottle of Champagne, a stunning flower bouquet and indulge in a private degustation dinner for two. Pamper yourselves with two one-hour deep tissue massages and a private training session for two in Reformer Pilates, Fitness, or Yoga.